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Do you dream of working online?

Do you apply to remote jobs but receive zero responses?

Do you feel like you'll never have the qualifications to apply to remote positions?

Does it seem like this dream is never going to happen for you?

Are you ready to pull your hair out or give up?


That's all about to change...

 What if I told you that you can drastically improve your results by changing your mindset?

Not the kind of fluff where you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself "I'm beautiful and amazing."

The kind of mind shifts and challenge-tackling approaches that will help you land your dream job, fast.

No bullshit. Just results.


The Mindset Makeover

Join us August 21-25 (there's still time to join during the first day) for a 5 day challenge where you'll come away with:

  • Various approaches to job searching
  • New mindset regarding your skills
  • Do's and don'ts list for job searching
  • Full week of collaboration with like minded people
  • Free week of my nightly LIVE coaching via Facebook group
  • Confidence to stand out in the crowd
  • A customized plan for your job search

"Taylor inspired me to pursue jobs in my dream field and to share my creative work. She suggested jobs I liked but didn't think I was qualified for, pointing out previous experience that proved I was entirely suited for the job. She taught me how to make employers interested in me and how to customize myself to each job. More importantly, Taylor made me fearless. I have been applying for jobs I would never have applied to before."

- Devan

About Me

Taylor Lane

Not too long ago, I was feeling the same way you do right now: completely lost, discouraged, and questioning if I could really land an online career. I wanted to work remotely and was excited about all of the opportunity out there. So I worked my tail off to get a remote position. Now, over a year later, I spend my time telling ALL of my secrets on how I made that happen. There were ups and downs, twists and turns, and of course- many lessons learned along the way. But the most important thing I can pass on to you is the successful mindset tricks that I gained throughout this process. I only teach what works. No fluff, no BS. Just results. Let me give you a mindset makeover, so that you can land the remote job of your dreams.